Back to Basics

Think back to when you were a child for a moment…think back to that first hot summer day that Dad & Mom took you to that small beach and you were happy splashing in the water. Call to mind the adrenaline rush you got when your feet couldn’t touch the ground. Myself, I couldn’t try hard enough to get back to where I could stand up. You can call it nerves, timidness, or scared, we finally overcame the feeling and resolved to try it again, right? Before long the dogpaddle was a thing of the past and going underwater was fun. In no time swimming was a natural.
I had a very unfortunate accident as a child learning to ride a bicycle, a little boy of six or seven up on a 26″ girls bicycle with no chain guard. I fell off/on top of this contraption and my &;%*! went between the chain and sprocket! I was done forever, no way was I ever going to attempt that again! Well needless to say I overcame that fear and life’s destiny for me was to have a desire for motorcycles.
I was overly ungraceful as a child. If it could be broken I broke it, if I could be cut, it would require stitches, Somehow though we always over came our initial panic of things and conquered the quest of mastering whatever lesson we were trying to learn, agree?
Jump forward to the present, I still have butterflies in my stomach when something needs to be accomplished and I have no clear idea how to go about it. Terror can still raise its ugly head and bring doubts of my ability to the forefront of my mind. Yes, I’m talking about the internet. I am reasonably confident that I can master this monster in the closet feeling and proceed into the world of cyberspace to enjoy and search with fascination and wonder this magnificent technology.
I may be a newbie to this environment but that is not to say that I am without knowledge in other areas of life that can be useful here. Everybody had to learn to crawl before they could walk and I fully grasp the concept of crawling or swimming before I can comfortably surf the net.
I have accomplished a fair amount of research in a short amount of time but still have many hours to go. As hard as I try to avoid scam artists they continually send me e-mail telling me how to become a millionaire overnight or within a few months. Is there a course online for this? I believe not.
In my opinion any business that wants to succeed in this world is built on trust, sweat, hard work and a timeline that incorporates slow growth. For me I don’t see my blog growing fast and that is probably how it should be, along with site, I except and accept that slow traffic. This is a good thing.
I know that the willies I am feeling in taking on this project will someday disappear and I will feel comfortable once again with another feat in life’s journey behind me, until then I will face the fears of an altered mind.
I almost forgot, I posted early as Saturday is a couple more days away, but I couldn’t resist. I hope you enjoy this and please leave a comment. Until next time; beibejones


~ by beibejones on February 7, 2013.

2 Responses to “Back to Basics”

  1. That’s a pain I would wish on nobody! Thinking about it 48 years later brings tears to my eyes!

  2. Ouch, I bet that hurt!

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