What Week-end?

2:10 am on Monday morning finds me just finishing up with setting up paypal and e-bay accounts (still not complete!). I’ve had a rather busy and frustrating couple of days as I have been wearing the keys off my PC. But rather than squawk about it I want to diverge into the process.
I have been working on writing a business plan and exploring all the necessary requirements needed to make the plan, my business, and myself not only look professional but to be professional. Don’t do it second-rate, right? First I studied up on the process of developing a sound plan. This research was time-consuming but well worth the hours spent gaining an abundance of knowledge. My pen was very seasoned when I finished writing everything down on paper. Next I set about organizing this into revalant sections on word pad. Getting easier right? Wrong! I couldn’t figure out how to write more than one page at a time. Worse off, when I tried to print each page I would hit the wrong set up and three blank pages would be running through the printer! (lol).
Later, rather than sooner, I was able to comprehend this simple feat and get back to concentrating on the job at hand. By the time this was completed I was well into Saturday and needing a long nap. This was to be delayed as I care for my Mother and she was wide awake and feeling restless.(That is cool though, as I idolize her and every moment we have together!). I finally finished the business plan late Saturday night and got some much-needed rest.
Sunday morning I was kinda lazy but eventually I got back to hammering the keys once more. Next came the process of applying for a EIN number from the IRS, after spending around 30 minutes filling out their forms I hit the submit button and got a page that read, “error code 108 inter office only”. I think I probably filled out an answer wrong, as who can understand government forms without a Master’s degree in confusion? I have to try that one again later this morning as I found out after doing this they are shut down on week-ends! Ok, minor problem to be solved at a later time, move on to next project. Went to eBay and tried to log in,LOL. I couldn’t remember my user name or password! I hadn’t been on there for many years and mucho loco smokes ago. Contact eBay support and they tell me that they cannot reveal the information to that account until I verify who I am. “OK, let’s verify” says me. Wherein they ask me what my address was when I signed up for the account. I couldn’t remember what year I signed up, let alone where I was living. I told them three different cities in Alabama and none were correct, although the state was. ok, let’s try something different they say, whew! next they ask me for my phone number I gave them when I signed up,so I give them my mobile number I have now and it was incorrect! That brings a shorter timeline into effect thinks me, so I guess at an address I had in Foley,AL. Wrong again cowboy!
After verifying my name, birth date and state of residence at time of opening account, they say I cannot access password or username because they cannot verify I am me. It’s against the law and they could lose their job.” OK, how do I go about straightening this out so I can sell on eBay?” says I.” Opening a new account is the only way.” Easy, “I just sign up with a different e-mail account. (I will say they were extremely patient with me.) After opening a new account I am grateful this task is completed!
Next! paypal, read directions and sign up in three easy steps.(If something sounds to good to be true, It probably is.) goes through my head. And right I was! I got through most of the application and was one step from being done when (by now, not to my surprise) they ask me for a routing number. I never got checks for my checking account as I thought a card was sufficient, so I don’t know routing number. Visa number was verified but must have routing number to continue! AHHHH, ok, to the bank in the morning to access online banking and get routing number. Alas to the point! I missed the week-end.
What this post signifies is pretty obvious to me.
I have been blessed in life as a flower child! (a blooming idiot!), but as with any flower that comes into its season, I am starting to enhance the lives of others.
until next time, peace beibijones



~ by beibejones on February 11, 2013.

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