Just Tapping Keys To See…

As it says in the title, I’m just tapping keys and looking to see where it takes me tonight. I read an e-mail from a guy I went to school with back when you had to walk up hill both ways (lol) remember the days. No just kidding, really it was more like riding in a Pontiac that was bad ass! Anyway, he brought up the fact that I was a hell raiser (of course I don’t remember it that way) and it did make me stop and think about what a hell raiser really is. To find out what anything is I believe you have to look at both sides of it and then form an opinion based on all the facts, or all the facts you can gather anyway.
Case in point: Pepsi vs Coke.
The earliest ad found for Coke was from 1886 which said “Drink Coca-Cola.”
In 1903 who ran the slogan, “Exhilarating, Invigorating, Aids Digestion?/ Pepsi.
In 1906 what was the “Great National Temperence Drink”? /Coke.
In 1939, which drink gave you “Twice as much for a nickel.”/ Pepsi.
By 1929 the cola leaves made to produce Coca-Cola had been completely removed as an ingredient (No more cocaine promoting energy!).Coke originally cost 5 cents a glass and was first produced in a plant in 1894, where as Pepsi was first started in a pharmacy basement, and trademarked in 1906. It was first bottled in a plant in 1908. Myself I prefer Coke, it cost me my job in 1982 when I walked into work carrying one. (I worked for Pepsi.)
Next Topic:
Think about this, or NHRA 101:
The force of the space shuttle leaving the launch pad in Cape Canaveral is equal to that of a Top Fuel dragster leaving the starting line. nearly 5 times that of gravity. One cylinder of the eight cylinders in a top fuel dragster produces 750 horsepower, equal to the total output of a Nascar engine! Or what about this; a Funny car travels more than 4 football fields in less than five seconds! And it takes just 15/100ths of a second for all 7000 horsepower to reach the rear wheels of a NHRA top fuel dragster!
Kenny Bernstein had a 30 year sponsorship with Budweiser and is the only race team owner to have collected wins in NHRA, Nascar, and Cart (Indy Car) racing. A six-time NHRA world champion, he was the first to win world titles in both Funny car and Top Fuel, hence the nickname “King of Speed” he was the first driver to break the 300 MPH barrier in Gainesville Fl. in 1992.
John Force has dominated NHRA Funny cars since the early 1990’s, holds records in most victories (134), #1 qualifying positions (139), elimination round wins (1,102) and world championship title’s (15). At 61 yrs. old he won his most recent championship. John won the 2012 season opener in Pomona CA. and continues to race in his mid-sixties.
Whats next you ask?
October 3, 1954-August 27,1990 RIP
Born and raised in Dallas Texas, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble turned the world on its ears in the 1980’s. At 17 SRV dropped out of high school and moved to Austin Texas to further his career playing with such groups as the Nightcrawlers and the Cobras. In 1982 SRV and Double Trouble played the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland and caught the eye of Jackson Browne, and David Bowie. He played on the studio album Let’s Dance and by 1983 was signed with Epic Records. June of that year found the band releasing Texas Flood. Following this was a succession of great albums including Couldn’t Stand the Weather (1984) and Soul to Soul (1985). His creativity and raw talent brought us all to a new understanding of what the blues were all about and I for one can remember where I was and why I cried on that fateful day, the 27th of August 1990 when the helicopter he was in went down in East Troy Wisconsin.
Back to both sides of the coin:
I guess you can’t call both sides of the coin, it either is heads or tails, up or down, left or right, positive or negative.
A lot of people who have known me in my life have regarded the negative sign of the coin and yes, I was a hell raiser in their view, but there are a lot of other people I’ve known that will dispute that opinion and say they liked having me around. I believe that’s both sides of the coin. As for myself I look at it this way.
If you are given the chance to run through hell, be damn good at it and have as much fun as you can while doing it, but remember to change as much of the negative power out there into positive power on the way and you can’t really be that bad of a person.
In closing, my last thought is this; We are all sinners and saints in our life, it’s up to every individual out there to decide when and where we will apply either at any given moment.
Until next time, peace beibejones


~ by beibejones on February 13, 2013.

2 Responses to “Just Tapping Keys To See…”

  1. Ahh well, maybe now and then will be a future topic for me. thanx for the input and I stand corrected. yea I’m glad those days are over!

  2. nice blog,but sorry to differ with you–top fuel now produces well over 10,000 horse power.i do remember you workin at pepsi.them was some roudy ass days.

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