Why Now? (because they say so)

Why is one of the most unique words in the english dictionary. it is described as follows;

1-a) for what reason or purpose.  b) on what grounds.

2-expressing surprise,  recognition,  impatience, reflection and ,objection.

One of the first lessons taught to every human baby as they begin to comprehend is what the  word no means. By the age of three they are catching on pretty good and all they want to know is “Why?” When someone tells you what to do and they have no explanation,  they say what? “Because I said so!) Is this confusing to anyone else or just me? If not, Why?

Is it just taken for granted that we have to do and say what someone else determines is proper for all of us? I don’t believe it if you tell me we do it because the bible says to, because before Jesus walked among us, people were still doing what someone declared they had to. Kings ruled populations, Queens ruled servants, or let’s go back farther. Cave men ruled cave women.

If we can narrow it down as to where it started then maybe we can find a way to control at which point it stops. There has to be a stopping point doesn’t there? I know we need rule to govern society, but how long do we just let people we elect to govern on our behalf make decisions that are harmful to all’s benefit? Do we stop big corporations from mastering our leaders like puppets, maybe we should offer strict incentives for upper level government to pay more attention to the common citizen instead of some corporate who’s only interest is in his next bonus as opposed to joe ordinary’s concern of how he is going to pay his bills. and joe ordinary’s bills keep climbing so the corporate ass can receive a bigger bonus next year. Why? (because they say so!)

They say it’s time for change and they want to attack the 2nd amendment. it has been suggested that the constitution is outdated and should be re-written to affect change. They say we have to go through x-ray machines to board a flight. They say we can’t decide to smoke in a bar or tavern. They say marijuana is illegal. WHY? (because they say so!) I for one totally agree that it is time for a change and I suspect that a lot of you out there would agree!

My idea of change;

First lets change how congress and the senate get paid. Remove ALL benefits, let them save for retirement and pay health insurance like us ordinary joes.

Offer a majority write-up of every representative. If they fail to perform their job according to the people the represent, like any employee they should receive the following. 1) a verbal warning 2) a written warning 3) a week off with no pay 4) dismissal    deal done no discussion!

Lets put a stop to big corporations running our government with their incentives to politicians to pass bills designed to their advantage. Our main concern should be to make sure this country turns around and starts to proper for every individual and not have a NWO (new world order) view. Lets worry about the good ol’ U.S.A. Ease up on putting so many people behind bars for smoking something that should be their choice. Concentrate on the big criminals that are raping our country with their new changes and laws. As Earl Pitz would say “WAKE UP AMERICA!”

These views are from my altered mind and in no way mean harm to anyone. That said, I hope you think about and form your own thoughts on how to make America a better place once more and let your government representative know how you feel, because if we just sit around and bitch we will follow in the shoes of the “fallen” Roman Empire.

until next time peace beibejones


~ by beibejones on February 17, 2013.

5 Responses to “Why Now? (because they say so)”

  1. I am actually glad to read this weblog posts which consists of lots of useful information, thanks for providing these kinds of information. gw2 gold http://www.mmogm.com

    • gw, thank you for the comment. I am trying to keep the public informed about the ways of the government and the rise in changing views. Please continue to reply to my site and hopefully I can keep writing about issues that everyone likes peace, beibe

  2. I agree Cheryl and though many people do not care, there are more than a few that do, all we have to do is look and not be afraid to open up. p.s. this comment should be under so in retrospect. LMAO! thanx for visiting my site and hope to hear from you again. peace beibejones

  3. As we all travel down different roads some explore more than others and some fall hard and eventually pick there selfs up and unfortunately some tend to go off the deep end cause they are not as strong like the country singer Mindy. How very sad and some reach out to others for help and those who does not understand what these people go thru than they really don’t understand what kind of help to offer and others just want to look down on them knowing truly these people are just like you and I and need the help. More people should reach out to help them.

  4. Very well put.

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