Start Here or (Do Not Pass GO!)

When I was a child I loved to play games such as Monopoly. These games were entertaining and it was a way for family and friends to spend time together . These games also taught us about how the economy supposedly worked and we were taught the responsibilities of making money and spending within our means.(although we didn’t realise this at the time), we were just having fun. The one lesson I should have picked up on at a younger age was how important Baltic Ave. was along with its partnering lot. These lots wouldn’t make you rich on one landing but they provided a trickle of steady income. Park Place was high dollar along with the other property’s along that side of the board and provided good to high income any time someone passed by, which is why everybody always wanted them. All the properties along the bottom of the board, Tennessee, St. James etc… were of average income but equally important to have as they were ways of staying in the game.

For a moment let’s apply that logic to the Human Race. I would have to say that Boardwalk and Park Place would be the area that such people as Warren Buffet and Bill Gates fall into while Kentucky Ave and spots close by is where you would find above average income family’s. On the side where St. James is would reside the average Joe whose income gets them by but they are living on a paycheck to paycheck basis. Then there is the start of the board, low valued price property and not much income. Kinda reminds me of the people in this country that are what is known as lower class. They are out there every day, some trying to improve their lot, others just going along to get along. Either way, they are nothing more than something to pass by on the way around the game of life.  Sounds cruel doesn’t it?

Myself, I have lived on Atlantic Blvd. as well as Mediterranean Ave. and everywhere in between the two and although I have never had the privilege of living on Park Place, I have passed by a time or two. And the Go Directly to Jail spot, Yes, in my younger years I landed on that area of life more times than I care to admit. Now-a-days I believe I am somewhere around Oriental Ave. as I am getting by but life’s lot could be greatly improved. I am not complete down and out as some people are but not productive enough to live as Average Joe, paycheck to paycheck and definitely not as care-free as Marvin gardens would provide. It’s been a long time since I have had to worry about paying a luxury Tax and the Railroads remind me of travels I have been on and will be on in the future. I have seen the community chest before as I relate that to the meager winnings I have encountered playing scratch offs in the lottery. And as for chance, everybody gets that card in life on a regular basis as chance plays an important part in our daily lives. This brings us to the utilities. These for me are the bills due by anyone who draws a breath in life and will continue to do as long as we live.

Or, one could look at it in a different view. Let’s say that Baltic and Mediterranean are the lots that represent slum lords readily providing a cock roach infested environment for people to live in that can’t seem to make it another way. On to the Reading Railroad spot. Could be that it represents a mode of transportation for the poor souls from Baltic to get to better parts of town to do their shopping, laundry, etc…  Oriental through Connecticut would represent apartment complex’s the  government ran or HUD authorized. The just visiting spot could be for all the people who are incarcerated in the prison system and we are just visiting. From St. Charles to New York would represent the part of town that people own property at a lower-income level and are struggling to keep their heads above water. Free Parking? I don’t have an answer for this spot so I’ll move on to Kentucky Ave through Marvin Gardens. I would think of this as an area where people have nice homes and it’s safe to walk through the neighborhood at night. Pacific to Boardwalk? This would fall into the area of gated community’s where income is not an issue and people don’t worry about solicitors and such.

As with the game of Monopoly (or any other board game like it),In life you just keep rolling the dice and going around in circles until either you win or lose. You play the game as well as you know how and deal with the bank, giving and borrowing, selling and buying. Like I said earlier, I should have paid more attention when I was younger!




~ by beibejones on February 21, 2013.

7 Responses to “Start Here or (Do Not Pass GO!)”

  1. Fantastic goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you’re just extremely wonderful.

    • tk, Thanks you this means alot. I see you have returned and thank you for all comments you leave. This helps me stay focused and to improve the site. Looking forward to talking to you again my friend peace, beibe

  2. Oops I posted it to the wrong one.

  3. I am not one to use it but however I do feel if people can be responsible with it by keeping it away from the children then that is there business and you have so many drugs out there and by legalizing Mary Jane it could very much keep a lot of people from using others and it sure does calm and relax a lot of people and the crime rate would probably go down.

    • cannabis always has been controlled in this country. It is just the outdated puritan views that need to be changed. Yes keep it out of children’s way and I can see a-lot of misuse of prescribed pills disappearing. And this alone would have a positive major impact on society. Less pills in the medicine cabinet leads to less mis-use by teenagers. And to clarify, Yes I would rather see young people stealing their parents cannabis instead of a mixture of pills that they haven’t the simplest idea of what could happen when mixing them. No, I don’t condone stealing but it is a fact and huge problem that could be resolved.

  4. Well defined. I have always enjoyed this game but never looked at it as an educational
    tool. Guess we all look at things differently, proves you think more intelligently than I.

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