Focus: New Ideas Spinning Round


Have you ever had an idea in your head that just brought forth more ideas than you could keep up with?

I seem to have been going through this for about a week now. I get in the middle of doing something constructive and BLAM! a new thought will blow in like a tsunami wave hitting the beach, (or if you’re in Colorado) like an avalanche cascading down the mountain. As soon as it passes or settles in another one follows right behind that one and on, and on. It’s like my mind is in overdrive and I often make the mistake of not recording all these thoughts on paper, forever losing what might be the next great thing. I try to go to sleep and find that after an hour or two, I’m right back up and either sitting in front of the computer or scribbling in a notebook. Right about the time this passes and I can get back to concentrating on the project at hand with complete focus, BLAM! it happens again.

I’m in the beginning phase of getting my Blog page site’s up and running and am trying to build a following while following other blogs I like, designing a web site to publish here on Word Press and learning all I can about the world of running a small business. I am averaging 15 to 18 hours a day doing this and tried to jump off into the deep end but quickly found out that I had to get back to the shallow end and revitalize the process in which I am forging. I have made a few rookie mistakes, which is to be expected and luckily they have been minor. So I back up and get a better prospective on the direction I want to head. Start slow and move cautiously forward is the best advice I can give to myself at this point and just keep cramming all the info I can into my head. I believe that this might be why all these other thoughts come slamming in and disrupting my concentration.

There’s a lot more to this process than I first believed there was and if I want to do it right, than a lot of changes are to be made along the road to success. I am dreading the “Web Winter” I have learned is coming but at the same time I will relate it to the Winter’s I grew up with in Indiana, meaning that even as a little child I did not want to go out and walk to school but did anyway because it had to be done. The same with “Web Winter”, I will forge through it all the while wishing I didn’t have to. I know that after the winter passes, the sun will once again warm my soul and happy times will follow. (Hopefully!) But, before winter sits in I still have the enthusiasm of launching a new business and heading into a new path in my life and this is still exciting to me. If I can accomplish making it to the start of “web winter” than I believe I can knuckle down and make it. My wish would be to have a brand new sled or a pair of cross-country ski’s to make the journey easier. A snowmobile is definitely out of the picture but with enough knowledge and a little experience, than maybe the ski’s are a possibility. Or maybe, just maybe, I’m in for a mild winter and won’t have to weather many storms.

Take affiliate marketing for instance, I look at this phase of the process in terms of it being a high school course or even a starting college course so why mess with it full-time at this point as I am still at an elementary school level, and even though I am progressing nicely I am still learning courses that will prepare me for that later on. I have changed my theme for my home page six times already and still am not sure if it is the one that will work best for my niche when applied. That’s ok though as mistakes lead to milestones-right? Yea, the same with how I am writing these blogs. I started out just posting random thoughts from an altered mind but I realize that as time moves forward I will have to refine these blogs to what I will be selling on my web site to attract the customers I need to shop my site, and so in the near future my blog site will need to be changed to become more professional. Until I reach that point I will continue to post what I am feeling or thinking about when I sit before these keys and only hope you enjoy them as much as I do. (maybe I can run two blog pages?)

Finding a supplier is not the easy task I thought it was either. There are thousands of sites out there that will sell to you at what they claim to be wholesale prices and if you don’t do the homework correctly you will find that you can’t make a sale on eBay because your price is higher than the more experienced sellers. I am still searching for the “golden” wholesale site but find that like Dorothy, The yellow brick road goes on forever and there is more than one bad witch out there. I have also learnt that the short-cuts aren’t really that but more like the long way around as when you take that short-cut you find yourself at a dead-end and having to backtrack to start all over. I tell myself, “self, take your time and stay on the path that will get you to the goal no matter how long or bumpy that path may seem”. It’s sound advice that has been around and told forever so it must make sense.

Ok, as I have rambled long enough I want to close this post with the thought that is in my mind right now, oops it’s gone and has been replaced by a dozen more and so…

until next time,  peace

©beibejones/midnightboogie’s 2013


~ by beibejones on February 26, 2013.

2 Responses to “Focus: New Ideas Spinning Round”

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