I have plenty of questions but very little resources for answers. One of the trusted resources I’ve used since I can remember in life seems to have abandoned me in recent times and now just looks at me with disdain. I can’t correct this and after much thought have concluded that maybe I don’t really want to. Looking for trusted new resources of information may sound simple with all the information you can find on the web but in reality the question I ask myself is how trusted is all this info on the web. Sure there is a lot of advice out there, but for personal advice I would rather have a closer relationship than some text that goggle determines is of high priority. You know, someone I trust and keeps in regular contact with me and so knows my thoughts, beliefs  goals, and what drives me as a person.

By constantly moving around in my life I have had the rare privilege of coming in contact with a wide variety of people and each one has touched me with their perspective and views of life. Not all have been positive but I have learned from these as well and have avoided some pitfalls because of these. I don’t consider myself to be an authoritative on many subjects and so like to consult other people I believe to be more knowledgeable on the subject I need to learn about.  So, instead of referring to my perspective of the answer to the question, I seek someone else to help find the right solution. Which path should I go down and what do you think is the most important point on this road I am travelling? Are there runaway ramps to use in case I feel I am losing control, or rest areas where I can pull in and check for directions? How far is the next off ramp

Back in the 80’s, I was in my prime and fear didn’t seem to enter the picture of my life to often but when it did I would “pucker up” in the anal region and hold on tight for the ride that was happening at that point in time. “example”- I was carrying a load of forklifts as a OTR truck driver and headed to El Cajon, CA on I-8. I had never travelled this particular interstate before and going westbound, on the climb up the mountain I observed many pull off spots for cars to get water for their overheating engines. When I got to the top I pulled off at a truck stop, ate lunch and then went out and adjusted my brakes before heading on my way. Well, it didn’t take long to release that I was in the shit when the first sign I observed read  “7% steep grade next 22 miles”. I knew my brakes were going to get red-hot as I had no jake brake to help me and the puckering slowly started. It wasn’t long before the weight I was carrying started to apply pressure and the brakes warmed up. Another truck travelling the same path got in front of me and with the use of the cb radio, helped me to learn how to bump into him, slowing me down and helped me to the bottom of the mountain. At the bottom we pulled into a rest area for cars only and both of us jumped out with fire extinguishers to put out the brakes which had caught fire. No sooner did we start to do this than we were greeted in a very unfriendly manner by ” CHPS”  finest ordering us to move out of the rest area as it was for car use only!  Seriously!  I mean couldn’t this ASS see we were putting out a fire and the truck was immobile? maybe offer to help or check that we were ok first?  “Not the kind of advice I was searching for then or now!”.

As I am now on a different kind of “Interstate”  travelling once again on unknown paths, I long for a cb radio to communicate with persons more knowledgeable about the road I am on and willing to offer not just advice but rather sound advice that can be trusted, as I don’t have the most trusted resource I once did, to go to for advice. I am finding help from certain sites but find myself leery of the advice offered as I wonder if they are making their path sound like the one I need to travel just to make a profit off of me, as New York used to do with all the tolls I had to pay just to find a way through the congestion. The trusted Atlas I used throughout the 80′ and 90’s has long since been retired and the “new” map I am trying to read (the web) is a lot more confusing and as far as showing me the roads that are not complete or still under construction isn’t nearly as trustworthy. I still need a map however because I have never had faith in GPS systems and have seen so many people end up lost using them. I am not above pulling into a “gas station” and asking for directions but I AM picky about what gas stations I pull into. I need and want trusted advice so as I continue to slowly find my way and  get lost, I only pray & hope to find a simple solution or a better path to travel.Ashampoo_Snap_2013.03.01_16h42m43s_003

until next time-peace,

©beibejones/midnightboogie’s 2013


~ by beibejones on March 2, 2013.

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