Sticks and Stones

May break my bones “ but Hemp will never hurt me“. I know, I changed the age-old saying to suit my view and believe this saying to make sense. “But words will never hurt me” just isn’t true. I will state my beliefs on this for a moment than move on to why my version makes more sense. Words can be a valuable tool in getting things accomplished in this world but at the same time can be so horrendously damaging that they can put an end to a persons life.” Kids say the darndest things”, is another saying but this one seems to be more accurate. The honesty of children continues to amaze adults as it has since time began and is both cool and frightening. In talking to adults they seem to be blunt in stating things that make us marvel at their genius or surprise us, and or embarrass us all at random and inopportune moments. that’s the cool part. The frightening part is when adults aren’t around and they decide that some other child does not meet the standards of their peers. In my view this is when the hurt of words start to bear fruit and can carry on into adulthood for many more than should be. (the bullies of the world).

Cyber-bulling is at the forefront of media in today’s world as you can find the subject on many You-Tube videos and any other form of media information. I don’t know if this is worse than pre-cyber space or if it is just more exposed because of it, but I think it is and has been out of line for decades if not longer. I grew up in the amazing time of the boomer generation and this problem already had a solid foundation. If you were not popular, than more than likely you were bullied or embarrassed into feeling insecure about yourself around your peers. You started to withdraw from activities where you had to be around the people who would make you feel insecure and soon enough this could and would affect things such as school work, progress in developing a strong sense of belonging and to me these are a major part of influencing the basis of becoming a bully. This attitude carries on into the teen years and than into adulthood. What children do realize is that the bullies are for the most part the “in crowd” that is popular because they are “cool” and make fun of the child that is more reserved and not as outgoing. Might this be because of shyness that if given the chance could be overcame and then maybe the “outsider” would feel ok around others and become socially accepted?  I say they realize this for the simple fact that if this problem is brought into the spotlight then sympathy shortly follows. This is just food for thought from a former child that was on the unpopular list and became a bully for way to many years but has grown enough to know that bullying people or hurting them emotionally is far worse than many other forms of abuse.

“But Hemp will never Hurt Me”. First off, let me correct myself on this statement. As far as long-term usage of marijuana, medical research has not found any evidence that supports the outdated views of those who came before us and deemed marijuana to be evil. It can hurt us because of these narrowed minded individuals and the laws they set into place that have incarcerated innocent people for the simple fact that they were doing nothing more than enjoying personal choices of freedom in relaxing or enjoying themselves much in the same way that these narrow-minded people did with other drugs such as alcohol. Revenue has been a major factor in this war since it began and the governments that fight this war either can not or will not accept the fact that there are better ways to control the masses who enjoy the beliefs that it is their choice to partake in a form of relaxation that causes no harm to others.

Norml is a fantastic organization that has been around for 40 plus years informing the public on marijuana related information. Since 1965, 21.5 million American citizens have been arrested on marijuana offensives. I urge anyone who enjoys the effects of marijuana or has concerns about government laws regarding marijuana to go to norml’s web-site and check them out. The following facts can be found @ .

First I need to point out the differences of political effects on arrests for marijuana.  Under Republican’s in office since 1970 13,336,187 people have been arrested and under Democrats in office since 1970, 8,276,970 have been arrested since. In this time republicians held office for 26 yrs. vs. 17 yrs. for Democrats. 1992 seen the biggest jump in arrests under President Clinton,and has continued since. Although the war on drugs began back in the 30’s, it was Nixon who declared the war on marijuana. At the outset of this “war” marijuana arrest were 45% of drug related arrests and jumped 123% over the next three years. President Carter campaigned for decriminalization of marijuana for personal possession but kept up the arrest status quo. Nancy Reagan‘s “Just say No” became a focal point on the war on drugs but in the 80’s cocaine and crack were in the forefront of the warriors. President Obama has stated that the war on drugs is a failure and we need to re-think our position on decriminalizing marijuana but at the same time America has seen its 20th millionth arrest for marijuana in his first term and he has pre-sided over the 2nd and 3rd greatest annual marijuana arrests totals in this war.

Colorado and Washington are pioneers in forging ahead with the legalizing of marijuana but still have an unpaved and rough road ahead of them. They are making the slow progress needed to change these outdated Federal laws that hamper freedom for Americans and I believe we should all encourage our political leaders to stand with them and put an end to this “war” on not only marijuana but our fellow citizens as well. Lets find a happy medium where we as citizens can sit in our homes and enjoy something that hurts nobody. Let us be able to have the choice that we deserve and demand to put this long injustice behind us and move into the future in peace. I’m not suggesting a stop to the war on drugs, just marijuana.

Until next time-peace, beibe


~ by beibejones on March 11, 2013.

4 Responses to “Sticks and Stones”

  1. Oh Willie Nelson likes Mary Jane pretty well.

    • Yes a GREAT advocate for this countries rights and someone who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Will have to do a post on Willie, thanx for the inspiration. please continue to offer feedback as I enjoy this alot.

  2. Mary Jane and I were friends back in the day, but I don’t think I would like her to drive me anywhere today. Might increase revenue for munchies of choice.

    • Ahh, but Mary Jane will always come back if you are willing to accept her. Of course you are right about the increased revenue, seems that her friend Dolly Madison hangs pretty close to her lol. Thanx for visiting and come back soon!

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