Support Needed

Everything in this world needs support of some kind to survive. A cub from any species needs it’s mother to care & comfort it, left alone on its own it would succumb to predators quickly with complete abandon.  A flower needs the support of the sun and good soil to blossom and survive. Even Yogi-Bear needed boo-boo to survive in the “Great Picnic Basket Caper  

Hugh Hefner stated in his 1962 The Playboy philosophy“. The very notion that one adult has the right to tell another what book he may or may not read and what movie he may or may not see is repugnant to most American’s, but we have been turned into a nation of sheep and there were few voices raised in protest”.  This is a very interesting read, I have bookmarked it to finish at my leisure. Another fascinating read is the bible which states in Genesis 1:29  God said,  “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on face of all the earth, and every tree with seeds in its fruit. you shall have them for food”. Revelations 22:2″The leaves from the tree were for the healing of the nations”.  

Founded in 1970 Norml  is a non-profit group that constantly from their launch has represented interests of millions of Americans who use cannabis responsibly.

US Marijuana Arrests

Almost 86%of these arrests were for possession only! This is an Extreme waste of revenue and time applied to and supported by us, the American Taxpayer. 850,000 people were arrested in 2010 on cannabis related charges.  The money needed to provide care and lodging alone could help a long way in recovering our debit. Why is this? The puritans who ran this country in the 1930’s and 40’s have long since retired or died but the laws were left in place by politicians who care more about prestige than the welfare of this country.

Arkansas Issue 5 was defeated in 2012 by 29,867 votes. This was the “Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act” . Arkansas leaders felt that the state wasn’t ready to face this issue based on public support.

State Sen. Karen Tallian reintroduced legislation  SB 580o  to Indiana which would lower the penalty for small amounts of possession for marijuana to a class C infraction placing it at the same level as a traffic ticket. This bill was introduced by State Sen Tallian before but did not have enough support to receive a hearing.

This brings me back to why I started this blog before I rambled on. Anything negative can be changed into something positive if enough people get behind it and support becomes the unbearable pressure relief valve the government has to open to avoid reliving the harsh lessons taught to us during prohibition . The history books can tell us that cannabis is of no danger to us whereas puritan thoughts can ruin an empire.

 ref/The Bible[king james] Playboy Norml

until next time, peace




~ by beibejones on March 26, 2013.

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