When Did Men Go Diva?

1980’s na, 90’s, don’t think so. OK then, it had to be sometime in the 21st century right? Getting closer to nailing it down. I mean yes, there were men who over did it with make-up such as Dee Snyder but that was for income and stage purpose’s only [I hope]. I moved to Alabama in January of 2000 and at that time men where still eating biscuits and gravy and scratching where it itched. Maybe it was because I lived off the beaten path on the Alabama river that I didn’t see the change happening, I don’t know but I do know that in 2010 you could find more men in a salon than women. Yes I can see that a man in corporate America needs to keep clean-shaven and polished but to get a manicure or pedicure is something best left for the opposite (genders). Not every man is gay in this new age but more and more of them are making me wonder. I don’t understand men going to a [physical fitness center] to wear spandex and stare at the mirror for hours on end. Used to be that if a guy wanted to work out he would go cut wood or do physical work to tone up. I still believe that when it’s time for a hair-cut I need to find a barber shop, you know, the ones with a pole that is red & white. A barber shop with magazine’s like popular mechanic, consumer report and yes playboy. I don’t want to look at the latest designs in fashion or style. Hell, Levis have been in style for hundreds of years now and they don’t have to be [nor do I want them to be] skin-tight or designer. And when did men need more closet space for shoes than women? Really! I’m still of the belief that more than three pairs of shoes are taking up space better off for women to utilize with their stuff. I don’t want nor need more room in the vanity than enough for basics such as a shaving kit, tooth stuff and deodorant. Nope, don’t need room for the eyebrow plucker honey, go for it!

To see a man with dirt under his finger nails and ordering Budweiser instead of a painted pinky nail and some flavored concoction used to be the norm. Now you are more likely to see a woman bellied up to the bar with a raunchy joke than a man. And I don’t know about anybody else but to hell with going Brazilian, seriously, this makes no sense to me what so ever guys. Any man you meet should know more about how a defense lines up than how many cups of whatever it takes to add to the recipe of your favorite cooking magazine’s flavor of the month. A women’s bible has always been fanny farmer’s cookbook and Chilton’s was a man’s. Let’s not forget this because when I’m sitting around with the guy’s talking, I want to discuss manly things not fashion or celebrity gossip. Can any man out there remember how to compress clutch springs for a 72 Harley? Is there any men left out here that understands what it means to spend the week-end under the car putting brake lines on? Where is the Marlboro man? I not talking about the new style that wants to take back manhood by smoking a vapor cigarette but one that believes inhaling is a right of choice. Right of choice? Yeah I guess it is your choice to wear make up and visit salons if you’re so inclined but as for me. I still want to spend a Saturday morning scavenging through a junkyard looking for that illusive 1962 Pontiac Catalina trunk emblem instead of window shopping at the mall.

I understand women’s  wants and needs enough to know how not to irritate them unless I feel ornery and that they want to be seen with a man who is presentable but there is a line that got crossed somewhere that needs to be re-examined. Dude! put the damn game controller down and find a 9/16’s” boxed in. Go for it! The smell of transmission grease on your hands is not something to be ashamed of! Knowing how to check the oil level is basics 101 for guys. Can you say church key? Do you even know what a church key is? I agree it’s nice to bring flowers unexpectedly and occasionally cook a meal for your special lady, but let’s stop getting carried away with knowing more about women’s issues than they do. Let us revert if you will to the time that when a man knew more about fixing stuff than fixing crème da lie. I still know how to fix some killer gumbo but at the same time, knowing how to tear apart a lawn mower and repair it is higher on my “mans list” just saying…

until next time, peace



~ by beibejones on March 26, 2013.

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