Happy Birthday MOM!

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Time fly’s when you are having fun or are busy or both. The sun has risen again on another boogie night of trying to get everything set up right and lookin’ good. I have separated my blog site which you have found {thanks} and my on-line store, [which is not opened yet!] . I will continue to operate both separately and hope you like coming to visit.

That said, I really haven’t a clue where this blog is headed. I really like the theme I’m using as it presents itself nicely. Spring arrived and with it brought 6″ of snow. Indiana weather huh? Outside of that this is really a Great Day for the few that have the pleasure of knowing my Mother. She turns 90 years old today and that is my present from her. (one of the infinity). The picture above is the start of what brought my family line into existence. As I am writing this Mom, who I live with and take care of received a package from her eldest son wishing her a happy birthday, that’s cool Jerry. After three pots of coffee and as I said “up all night” I am eagerly awaiting her to awake from the sleep of the “Sandman” and hopefully she will be able to enjoy this special day.

I reminiscence about our life together and while we still discuss our history I know she can’t recall it and that the conversation we are engaged in will not be a memory to her for long. Still, I am happy that in the future I will have these moments to treasure. A lot of memories that hit the forefront of my mind is how she took care of me growing up and when my Father passed how she put her life on hold to make sure I was happy. A strong woman forever she has done some pretty amazing things in life. She was a master cake decorator back in the seventies way before the reality shows of today . She worked for a major insurance corp. until retirement and when she was done getting everybody situated at night, go into the kitchen and bake a 4 or 5 tier cake to be delivered the next morning. Mother also played piano and organ all her life learning at an early age. She tried to impart this wisdom on me but thinking that the piano was not as much fun as being outside I never pursued the talent she offered.  She Always was on the go wanting to get something accomplished or just explore life and used to tell me that the “secret to life was to do something as soon as you thought of doing it.” ( I took this to heart!)

As I forged into adulthood we drifted apart and we only seen each other when I’d pass through town on my way somewhere else. But the time came to be by my Mother’s side and I didn’t blink to do what I am doing. My family & I also will not have any regrets or doubts to as if we were there when she needed us.

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Alas Mom has awoken and I must leave you all now to cherish this special birthday with my most special person in the world.





until next time, peace ©beibejones/midnightboogie’s


~ by beibejones on March 27, 2013.

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday MOM!”

  1. Brother I read the birthday wish and sure enjoy reading anything you write what a wonderful way you have expressing
    your opions. Mom couldn’t want a better person caring for her during this difficult time and a great job your doing. I’m so proud of you andknow Mom is in the best of care.

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