Thumbs Up Maryland!

The vote came in @ 30-16 yea to decriminalize possession of 10 grams or less of cannabis to a civil offense punishable with a $100 fine. Senator Kittleman who co-sponsored house bill 1101 stated the 47.000 arrest made in 2012 statewide while co-sponsor Senator Zirkin replied that it was a tremendous waste of resources and spending for simple possession charges. Senator Jacobs reveled a yes vote due to her husbands cancer he can use small amounts without fear of arrest. The bill has of yet to pass the house and then go across the Governors desk.

The unlucky side:

Governor O’Malley fears federal retribution so much that he will more than likely veto the bill. In the same corner is State Health Secretary Joshua Sharfstein who has stopped all support on cannabis bills  due to his beliefs of U.S. Government threats to prosecute all involved in a large-scale medicinal cannabis distribution.  The bill if passed will not go into effect until 2016 and would be one of the most restrictive and monitored programs in the country.

With the cannabis reform views in the forefront of today’s headlines and states like Colorado and Washington legalizing recreational use and states like Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii and more  all having some form of legalization laws in effect our federal government is feeling the pressure of the American voice more now than since prohibition. The D.E.A. stanchly maintains its view that cannabis has little benefits and is still a dangerous drug. It uses propaganda as a motivational tool to scare or intimidate the sheep who blindly follow their cause when in fact the Harding Act was nothing more than a ploy to earn the government money.

Somebody wake up the Attorney General and point out the obvious fact that if cannabis were legalized it would bring extreme monies in the government coffers along with hindering the Cartels in Mexico. The money from prison care would also fall in the till for them as well as the taxes. The penitence that A.J. Anslinger envisioned was but a raindrop in the storm compared to what our government could bring in just by stepping up to the times.

Just a question from me. Is the reason that the federal government is so adamant about the laws being changed to support its citizens wishes is because we are not looking deeply into where their interests really lie? Could this all be like the transactions that discovered our governments involvement dealing firearms to mexican cartels in the past. Is their hand in the illegal side of the till and we aren’t aware? Could it be the fear of something like that coming to light that they are afraid of?

My beliefs on the matter of cannabis is very simple. Put it to the american citizens to decide what they think is best for them by a vote. Simple, no strings attached vote! No politicians, no corporate influence, just a ballot that all americans could vote yea or nea. Maybe hold the vote on the Forth of July. The irony would be another birth of freedom for us on Americas Birthday


Just food for thought.

ref-High Times,Washington Post

until  next time, peace



~ by beibejones on March 28, 2013.

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