Brownsville Station re-visited

One of the most memorable concerts of mine was October 7th 1977.  I went to the coliseum in my hometown with my brother who is three years prior my age to see Aerosmith with this band as the opening act and to this day I really enjoy their fine style on “The Martian Boogie”.

“The Martian Boogie” was a seven-minutes-barn-burning set-closer recorded  live in one take, spaceship noises and all. The tune started out as a pastiche of various John Lee Hooker-Junior Parker boogie riffs, then was promptly corrupted into a whole different ball of wax when the band was stuck in a hotel room in Canada watching a lousy sci-fi movie called Not Of This Earth. By the time we recorded the version, It was  road-tested classic that we were sure was going to be our next hit, even bigger than ?Smokin?,? It almost was, it should have been, and when it didn?t happen, it took all the fight out of the band, just like air escaping from a punctured tire.  “Cub Koda

One of the many great acts to come out of Detroit, Brownsville Station implanted energy into the show that was lacking elsewhere in rock & roll. 1969 found four musicians from four rival bands get together and bring America’s enthusiasm to a new level. We were rockin’!.  They quickly had to change the perception that they were just an ordinary band and got gritty by doing road shows (paying dues). By 1973 these rockers had artists like Bruce Springteen and ZZ Top opening for them! Quite prestigious to me.

“Smokin’ in the boys Room” skyrocketed  their career and brought them to the forefront of music history.  The B side of that 45 rpm was a good listen too, “Barefootin'” has some fantastic intro riffs. “Lady (put the light on me” was a moving tune that got into your bones also, but by far tunes like “My Friend Jack”/ “Sleazy Louise”/ and “Hot Spit”…  watching them on stage with fire pods and a fresh white towel accenting the bottle of Jack Daniels, each of them with their own…yea, I along with many miss this “They Call Me Rock’N’Roll” band.

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~ by beibejones on March 30, 2013.

2 Responses to “Brownsville Station re-visited”

  1. Some wonderful music there. Great information.

    • yea, they were a really Rockin’ band in the seventies. I burnt up more than one vinyl lp of thiers. Never really hear them get air time on classic stations though, a shame.

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