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Brian Williams of NBC news reported on April 5th’s nightly news broadcast that the people in America stood @ 52%  in favor of legalizing marijuana as a recreational drug. 

The pew research center just released results of a study that showed 65% of adults born in 1980 [or later]  favor legalizing marijuana for recreational use. up 36% from five years ago. Generation X, who came of age in the 90’s when opposition was at 83% now stand at 54% a big rise from a decade ago when they stood at 42% in favor. Add in the boomer’s who stand at 50% and you come up with a voice that is getting louder! Even the Silent generation who oppose marijuana use has almost doubled in their favor of legalization since 2002, [from 17% to 32%].

“Asked if they ever used marijuana” 48% of the people answered yes, and in the last year the answers were as follows;

medical  issues 30%    just for fun 47%   both 23%

72% of american’s believe that efforts to enforce the law against marijuana by the federal government is  costing more than it’s worth. 84% of republican’s and democrat’s say the federal government should let the states govern their own people on this issue, and a growing 62% say federal enforcement is not worth the cost.

Wisconsin–  August 14th brings you the chance for change as your primary comes into play for the senate seat held by Sen. Herb Kohl. A long time advocate for medical marijuana, Democrat Tammy Baldwin will pair off with the republican candidate. Ms. Baldwin is a consistently strong supporter of and has co-sponsored federal medical legislation in Congress.  Good Luck “Tammy”

Vermont Wednesday found a packed hearing of the house judiciary committee hear Attorney General  Bill Sorrell say “I’m here in the support of decriminalization.”  State’s Attorney T.J. Donovan argued “A criminal conviction can carry life-long consequences and on this issue alone we should pass the bill”. The Dole survey reports that 61% of Vermonter’s are in favor of decriminalizing marijuana. Governor Shumlin has repeatedly said he hopes to pass a marijuana reform bill into law this year.

Massachusetts– State health officials on friday issued a proposal that recipients of medical marijuana may have up to 10 ounces in a sixty day period and that all dispensaries cultivate their own supply to exert control over distribution. The new law went into effect Jan 1st but had 120 days to implement the rules to govern it. The law provides for 35 non-profit dispensaries to operate throughout the state.

State Marijuana Laws:

Only medical marijuana is legal:

Marijuana is decriminalized:

Medical marijuana is legal and marijuana decriminalized:

Not decriminalized or medical:

Source: National Conference of State Legislatures and NationalOrganization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, 2013.

I fall into the 52%of Americans who understand that the law passed by Roosevelt and a passionate A.J. Anslinger has seen it’s day and there is a new dawn on the horizon. It’s ok for the government to admit a mistake has been made and that now is the time to amend this mistake and move forward into the 21st century by concentrating on laws that reflect what the people want instead of what the government thinks is best for us. Sometimes a single persons view can go a long way in establishing laws that are nothing more than wool pulled over the public’s eyes. Many state laws are in effect from the past that make no sense whatsoever and are not enforced but no harm is done with these smaller laws. A few examples;

Delaware – Whispering within 300′ of a church is considered a crime

Idaho -Fishing while on the back of an elephant is strictly prohibited

Indiana -Backing into a parking spot can land you a fine

Maine –  Skydiving is considered a crime

Maryland –  Giving or receiving oral sex is punishable

Montana –  If a man is travelling with a sheep in the back of his truck, a chaperone must be present at all times!

North Dakota –  Pretzels and beer cannot be legally served at the same time in any establishment

Vermont – All women must get permission from their husbands before being fitted for dentures

*Virginia – Only political candidates are allowed to bribe or blackmail people without receiving punishment

Ok, I found one in the bunch that isn’t harmless but that is in effect!

As my generation moves towards the age of retirement this country is revolving back to part of the foundation it was built on. Hemp is a productive tool for the industrial as well as the medical and recreational needs of America. It is up to us as individuals to ban together and have our voice heard. Power of the voice and opinion are reverting back to the people once more and only we can continue to enforce this by letting our representatives in the government know how we feel. It doesn’t matter if you are a liberal or conservative, we must all band together on this issue and bring it to a close! If you are uncertain about where you stand on the subject, decide for yourself by doing a little reading. I suggest looking into articles from Norml as well as reading how your public officials view these laws. [you might be surprised by what you find].

In closing I leave you with a quote from anonymous, “It’s only a weed that turns into a flower in your mind”.

ref/ people-press .com, my bing news, Taunton daily gazette, norml.com  photos/ bing

until next time, peace

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