I didn’t have a topic tonight so I flipped open the dictionary and Justify is where my finger landed, so without further ado I will dive into my altered mind and see what comes out. beibe

 The show on FX floats to the top as it seems to be popular. 1925 found Elmore John Leonard Jr. being born in New Orléans LA. His novella “Fire in the Hole”2000 was the base of this television series starring Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens, the bad ass U.S. Marshal who’s nemesis is Boyd Crowder, played by Walter Groggins. Sidekick Joelle Carter as Ava Crowder rounds out a trifecta of stars on the screen. Set in Harlan Kentucky the show is based on the oxy traffic in and around Harlan. I guess what the question is,can the people of Harlan Kentucky justify the reputation it is receiving?

Next-Can North Korea justify the threats it is imposing on South Korea and Japan? Kim Jong Un clearly believes his words and has the world watching his every move. A question arises that are the missiles he is loading and threatening to deploy a serious reality or is he just trying to ruffle feathers so as to have restrictions lifted. Can he believe that North Korea even has a gnats ass of a chance to survive conflict with the world? Will his ideas of instilling fear in the citizens of South Korea and the United States pan out? Can North Korean’s justify his leadership after the country is nothing more than rubble? Or does he believe we will rebuild the country like we did Japan?

2013-4-13 tiger drop

And on we go-Could Tiger Woods have won the Masters in Augusta GA if he didn’t “drop the ball” on the 15th hole Friday? Did he know the rule? I’m thinking yea, I know, he said he wasn’t aware of the rule and what does that say about his professionalism. Can we as a whole justify lies, deceit and incompetence(no wait, that line is for Obama) Was the 2 shot penalty fair? Will he justify his loss with that penalty?

Home Stretch-R.A.Dicky, the man who can throw a knuckle ball at will played for the N.Y.Mets last year and the fans loved him. At 37 years old he became the first man to throw consecutive one-hitters in 24 years last June. He also won the Cy Young award. He is the only player in the majors who throws the knuckleball so my question is this, How will the Mets justify trading a Cy Young winner and the only man playing pro ball who throws knuckleballs at will away?

Final act-And this brings my altered mind to a last question for tonight. How do I justify these insane blogs? that’s easy, I love doing this.

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until next time, peace



~ by beibejones on April 15, 2013.

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