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I had planned to tear into Osluma again today and even had the blog wrote on paper but as I woke this morning I had a change of heart and decided to just ramble through this altered mind today instead. Got the coffee brewing and smoke drifting up from the ashtray and nothing clear to say. I found the All-Star race last Saturday night to be rather mundane and was surprised to see that nobody took their aggressions out or even got upset with another driver. I was not surprised however to see Danica Patrick win the Fan pick and be allowed to enter. Who else could be voted in? Stienhouse was a clear choice but he got in by the old-fashioned way, placing 2nd.Danica Patrick waves to her fans after making NASCAR history by becoming the first woman to win a Sprint Cup pole. Patrick qualified first for the 2013 Daytona 500 on Feb. 17.

Danica puts me in mind of another driver that has a following based not on accomplishments but rather on who they are. Yes, I am referring to Dale  Jr. The “Jr. Nation” has supported him based on his father’s career instead of his own. This is plain to see as his fan base grew quickly after his dad hit the wall in Daytona. And Jr. has not impressed anyone including his fans as far as wins go, let alone championships earned. So back to Danica, She won 1 race in the Indy circuit and had limited races available last year in cup racing. If by leading laps @ Daytona built her fan base that large that quick, I’d bet dollars against biscuits that the drivers who have passed into the great race beyond are all making right turns about now. I know that times change things [this is obvious by the change to cup rules that made Jimmy Johnson a household name] and having a woman in the cup is great PR but shouldn’t she have to earn her fame like other drivers?  As far as that goes, Jimmy has not earned any respect by being the arrogant, self-centered person he is. If not for Chad, Jimmy might be average at best. But alas, like everything else these days people don’t earn their fame, it is delivered to them on a silver platter via TV instead of the tried and true way of winning races. Footnote: Had Davey Allison not died in that terrible accident by helicopter This fan believes he would have been a better and bigger known driver than dale Sr. 

NEXT:  Growing Old

In the year 2000 35 million people were of the age 65 and older. the age range of  85 and older was at 4,160,561. My parents generation has lived long satisfying lives and from growing up in the “boomer” age I can testify that they didn’t have the comforts we have today. For instance, air conditioning. Nope wasn’t there. A fan pointed outwards to pull the hot air out a window worked ok and doors were left opened at night with no worries of someone coming into your house causing alarm while you slept. [and no I didn’t grow up in the suburbs but rather the inner city.]  

This generation had a lot going for it as far as getting things done right with simplicity. They had a law put on them forbidding pleasure [prohibition] they fought for their right and had it repelled. A great depression happened, they struggled through it and moved froward. They were involved in a great world war and ended it with a double punch that showed their moxie and the soldiers came home to praise and then got on with their lives rebuilding the country and giving us the rights we abuse today. They weren’t perfect but they weren’t cry babies either. They ate green beans with bacon grease instead of chickens pumped full of hormones to make them grow faster, they believed in working for what they wanted instead of getting in line for a government hand-out. They taught their children things like morals, values and to treat their elders with respect. They are still growing older and smoking cigarettes,eating bacon and shaking their heads in shame because of the way our government is being abused. [ok some of the head shaking might be from parkisions]. The point is this. We can age gracefully without all the BS we are being fed today by Doctors, lawyers, and the government. Let’s overturn the prohibition we are faced with [marijuana], make our government help us get out of this depression, and put an end to these bullshit conflicts that are crippling our soldiers. Let us get back to the basics of exercise along with having and earning respect. Can we please come together as a nation and hold our heads high instead of just letting our government do as they please. Let’s be a nation for the people by the people once again.

And Then This:

In Closing:

This post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention as being a righteous group looking after our rights for more than 30 years. A big ATTA BOY  to the folks at norml.

POLL: Essentially No One Believes Marijuana Users Should Go to Jail

by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director

Reason-Rupe has just released new polling data that revealed only a minuscule percentage of Americans believe that marijuana use and possession should result in jail time. When asked which approach they thought the government and law enforcement should take toward someone found smoking marijuana or in possession of a small amount of marijuana, only 6% responded that they should be sent to jail. 35% of respondents said that these individuals shouldn’t be punished at all, 32% responded they should pay a fine, and 20% said they should have to attended […]

until next time, peace beibe



~ by beibejones on May 21, 2013.

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