Why Not [or] Whine Not

I was cruising thru one of my favorites today and I came across an article that pretty much is why I hang my head in shame at how this Nation cry and whines over everything. Now is the time to STOP this insane behavior and grow a pair America!

Colorado, along with Washington stood up to the Federal Government and decided that the right to smoke marijuana would be legal. This is a great step for us in America. California has always been a state that has been in the foreground of trends and I salute them for what they have done for medical marijuana over the years. More and more people are standing up and wanting to be heard and this is what we need to continue doing so this issue can be resolved for good. There are many ways to do this and I found one to pass on to you. Check this site out and track your representatives voting habits, then let them know how you feel. www.opencongress,org


I understand that you can’t please all the people all the time but do people have to bitch and moan as soon as things don’t go their way? Sure, by passing this law into effect there is bound to be repercussions that follow but that are needed to make this law remain strong. Governor Hichinlooper has to implement laws to control the abuse that will try to rear its ugly head but he should also consider his actions carefully as the nation as a whole is not only watching but also depending on him to make it level ground for all. His May 28th marijuana regulations signed into law is an example of what I mean.

Adults 21 and over may have 1 oz in their poccession legally. they can also buy 1 oz. at retail stores and be able to grow six plants for recreational use [only three can have flowers at a time.] When the first stores open around the first of next year, for nine months only the existing  medical dispensaries will be able to apply for recreational sales license. This all sounds pretty fair to me and yet there are people crying over a detail in this law that {all marijuana magazines be treated like pornography and remain behind the counter.}  

SO WHAT ! Is it that horrible of a thing to have to ask the person at the counter for a copy of High Times? If this is the only thing to be worried about in these new laws then get over it. I live in Indiana and I’m here to tell you that it wouldn’t bother me a bit to be able to walk into a store that offered smoking accessories, magazines, and marijuana! [Shit I’d be ecstatic]  So what if the rag was behind the counter. Guess what, so is everything else!

So to High Times, the Daily Doobie and Hemp Connoissuers. Please stop this complaining while progression is taking place. There are many of us that have to get your issues from behind counters but don’t have the freedom to look at your mags and then ask the clerk to hook us with the strain we found. Give thanks for what you got.

Having my cry! beibe



~ by beibejones on June 3, 2013.

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