Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!


Closet smokers unite!  People throughout time have always had opinions on everything and for the most part have not been afraid to state those opinions in public. But as has been the case since who knows when there are also a majority of folk that won’t state how they really feel on a subject if they think it will put them in harm’s way. “If I stated my true feelings on this subject I might lose my job.” “What happens to me if I speak up, knowing the teacher opposes my view, I might not pass.” “It’s better to silently go along to get along.”  A shy child would remain friendless if they didn’t put fear behind them but after they did they joined the mainstream of children and rejoiced in the pleasures of kinship, knowledge that can only be obtained through peer communication, and discovery of untold pleasures through fresh views. Growing into adulthood brings challenges that must be faced head-on. Such things include getting employment, buying insurance, building good credit and voting your conscience.

If American citizens did not learn anything when voting for Obama the first time around I sure hope they did the second time out. We should not vote someone into office that doesn’t have our best interest at heart. And this is not a slam on Obama as we have previously made the same mistakes over and over by listening to the BULLSHIT that comes out during the campaign for office. This is an easy fix my friends and one that if done correctly will change this country for the better.

Step 1] candidates run for office for almost two years now. This is plenty of time to get on the internet and look at how they voted on issues that concern you. Match up their voting record to how you would vote instead of what they tell you on t.v.

Step 2] After gathering the facts don’t be afraid to let them be known. Use your social contacts to get the word out about the issues you care about. Damn the torpedo’s, Full speed ahead!

Step 3] Avoid the trap of believing the news media! These ass clowns only show you what’s in their best interest. The DRAMA QUEEN is alive and well in the media! You did homework in school to improve your status in life right? OK why stop at graduating from school, instead take a couple of hours a day to surf issues and laws that affect you and STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!

Laws that are not in your best interest are being passed daily and most of the time they are slipped into a bill that has no relevance to the measure. example: You might find a bill for highway maintenance being put forth and at the end of said bill an addition that states bubblegum should be illegal to use on Tuesday. <— (Just an example). But catch my drift people! This is how they do things on capitol hill. If a large corporation came to you and said “We will pay you X amount of dollars to drive down the highway only” would you do it if no one knew? bet your ass you would! That’s what our representatives are doing and have been doing for way to long.

If America continues to go along to get along or not care about how this government operates we are in for a lesson that has been taught before and brothers and sisters it’s not pretty!







Do we really want to see history repeat itself or would you rather take time to get involved in the decisions that affect not only you but the world? Contact your Mayor, State representatives, and Governors. Speak your mind and let your voice be heard. I, myself would much rather live in a free country where I can decide how I want to live.







Last note: Freedom is way more than trying to control other countries with bullish tactics. I believe we should concentrate on the homeland instead of wanting to control the rest of the world.

until next time, peace. ©beibejones/midnightboogie’s2013


~ by beibejones on June 14, 2013.

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