The Medicine Jar


 This is probably not what the majority of Americans think about when asked what’s in their medicine jar. But let’s face it this has been used as medicine in this country since it was introduced here. This subject came up because I was listening to “Wings over America” and the old classic “medicine jar” came on. I got to thinking about my personal medicine jar and what had kept it filled through the years. Of course Rore 714’s popped into my head followed by tea,purple mesc, black beauty’s,cocaine, etc… this list could grow and grow as I haven’t even spoken of all the prescription drugs that have filled  the jar over the years. As of late though I see only herb and pantoprazole which is for a problem in the throat. I’ve found through personal trial and error that most of the meds that a doctor has given me has left a gateway wide open for easy access to addition. And as far as the main gateway drug there is no doubt that in my personal use it was alcohol. When I drank I would drink to excess and after I had 4-5 drinks I would do any drug offered without thinking of the consequences. I have never had to do that when smoking cannabis. Don’t get me wrong, I have mixed other things with marijuana but I did so with a clearer frame of mind. But still after all these years I am grateful to have tried what I did and to be able to make the choices I do today. I don’t do drugs, nor do I drink very often and use limits regularly. I do however like to smoke a little smoke. It’s a shame I am considered an outlaw to society for pursuing my beliefs and freedom. 


L.E.A.P. – For those of you who don’t know L.E.A.P. is Law Enforcement against Prohibition. A group of non-profit criminal justice professionals calling for reform on the useless war on drugs.

We believe that by eliminating prohibition of all drugs for adults and establishing appropriate regulation and standards for distribution and use, law enforcement could focus more on crimes of violence, such as rape, aggravated assault, child abuse and murder, making our communities much safer. We believe that sending parents to prison for non-violent personal drug use destroys families. We believe that in a regulated and controlled environment, drugs will be safer for adult use and less accessible to our children. And we believe that by placing drug abuse in the hands of medical professionals instead of the criminal justice system, we will reduce rates of addiction and overdose deaths.

This is an excerpt. to read the full story go to

Submitted by:
Stephen Downing, Retired Deputy Chief from the Los Angeles Police Department
On behalf of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Today, the discussion should not be about building more prisons. It should be about how
we can eventually abolish the prison industrial complex.

Rather than build more prisons you can implement policies that help reduce the choices that
police make about which people to target, what to target them for, and when to arrest and
book them.

Restricting budgetary allotments and passing a lowest law enforcement priority ordinance can play a major
role in who gets locked up and how many prisons we don’t have to build.

The prohibitionist policies of this country have destroyed generations of our young people, fueled the growth
of street gangs in Los Angeles from two with a membership of less than one hundred 40 years ago to 33,000
across the Nation with a membership of 1,500,000. Two years ago the cartels controlled the drug trade in 250
American cities. Today they occupy 1,000 American cities. In short, the war on drugs – or better put – the
war on the people –has become the major contributor to the cancerous growth of the prison industrial

The third rail of drug policy that police and politicians refuse to touch has been short circuited. It has no
power to drive this unjust war and its corrupting influences any further. The people have pulled the switch.
Three out of 4 Americans now see the war on drugs as a failure and 55% now support legalizing marijuana.
Listen to them. Refuse the sheriff’s bid to build more prisons. It is time for our elected leaders to pick up that
third rail with both hands and throw it into the vast sea of failure where it belongs.


by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director

Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach has been an outspoken advocate on the issue of marijuana law reform during his tenure in Harrisburg. Senator Leach made a splash legislatively this year when he introduced Senate Bill 528, which would legalize and regulate the adult use of marijuana in Pennsylvania, the first time such a bill was introduced in the state. Senator Leach was also featured as the keynote speaker at the first ever NORML Mid-Atlantic Conference which was held this March in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You can view video of his remarks […]

by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director

It appears that Alaska is likely to be the next state to have the opportunity to vote on marijuana legalization. This week, the Lt. Governor’s office approved a ballot initiative that aims to tax and regulate marijuana in a manner similar to the laws recently approved in Colorado and Washington. If approved, the initiative would allow adults over the age of 21 to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and provide for the establishment of legal, regulated retail outlets and grow operations. Supporters must now collect 30,169 signatures to […]

From the NORML Blog

Sorry AP, Telling Kids the Truth About Marijuana is Not Complicated


June 18, 2012

[In response to the AP article “Easing of State Marijuana Laws Poses Challenge for Parents”]

No one can deny that the number one goal of a parent is for his or her children to grow up healthy, and be able to make responsible decisions about everything from their friendships and lifestyle, to their safety. Parents do this by sitting down and having open honest conversations about issues that will inevitably affect them in the future

read more @ in the women’s alliance section.

And back to my altered mind:

Now is the time my friends. The snowball of truth has made it over the crest of the blocking wall and is gaining momentum. Don’t stand idle and hope for change. Contact your mayor and let them know where you stand. After that write another letter and move up the chain. We can continue to grow strong and make this a matter you will only hear about in history class. STAY THE COURSE AND DAMN THE TORPEDOS!





















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