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I wonder if laughter is really the best medicine out there for everyone to share or if like many other things it would or could be corrupted by people who seem to have only hate inside of them. I came mighty close to jumping the fence and going racist but at the last second my good sense prevailed. Being racists only hurts yourself in the long run and I can’t seem to find any documented evidence of laughter causing medical problems but of course laughter can be a weapon if used by simple-minded people to harm someone by teasing and such. My point is this; If everyone took a minute of their important daily schedule to make anyone’s day more pleasant by doing something to make that person smile wouldn’t this world slowly become a better place to live? And if this is true than couldn’t we go a step farther by committing to pass along a friendly gesture and a word of laughter to a person of another ethnic group? I mean to hate a person because of their color is insane right? I think so to. Agreed I get upset with how certain people dress, talk, and act but it belittles me to let it bother me as my intelligence is higher than that, and I’m not saying I’m better than those people but instead I am saying that I was taught better manners and morals by my parents and peers and this is the only way to change is to bring back the proper punishment for the crime. And by this I mean starting in the home at the early stages of life. Teach a child to respect their elders for instance or is Please and Thank You, along with Sir and Mame’ too much for children with fresh minds to learn? We have taught the past two generations at least that they can do whatever they please without consequences and look at the mess we wound up with. This country needs to get a grip on the future by re-visiting the past so we can once again move into the role of being a great nation. Simple things such as smiling, sharing, and giving a person respect until they prove they don’t deserve it isn’t hard and instead of all the negativity of the press, just turn them off and when the ratings drop maybe they will wake up! This is not a quick fix but it is an idea shared to help us from destroying what we have before it’s too late. And yes bring back the belt or paddle.  And Castro-rol, that shit worked wonders, can anyone that had to take a teaspoon of that honestly say they would purposfully do bad if they knew this was waiting for them when found out? Didn’t think so. When used properly this is not child abuse but rather child development! FOOD FOR THOUGHT! [for those of you that remember the castor-rol, made ya smile didn’t I] Have a great day.

©beibejones/midnightboogie’s 2013


~ by beibejones on July 22, 2013.

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