And The Winner Is Not!

Let’s just start with this-“I think the house and senate are full of SHIT!

OK, they passed another short fix for government pay outs. But where in the hell do they get the audacity to then go on a paid vacation? Is there something I’m missing here or do other americans share my disappoint in the workings of over paid assholes that whine and fight like little children? Could all of the last four or five years have been just a fluke? Na, don’t think so! So let me see if I can understand this cluster f%*k we are in.

A person lies to the majority with false promises to gain votes so he/she can move to D.C. and start lapping up monies given to them by corporations to vote against the masses of people they said they were going to protect. They give themselves raises to ensure that they can live beyond their means, take paid vacations when they choose, Keep getting salaries after leaving office, not have to abide by the rules they impose on us and for the topping on the cake bitch and moan about each other and don’t give a shit if we go into default or not waiting until the last moment to pass a bullshit temporary law into effect so they can say they tried every angle possible?


So what can we as citizens do to change the calculated way our reps are doing things? Bitchin’ isn’t working for sure so maybe it’s time to come together as a whole and put our petty differences aside long enough to kick these FOOLS to the side and place a new breed of people in charge to help our country instead of helping just themselves. Too hard you say? ok then revoke all perks they receive including pay until this is fixed permanently! That’s right no pay, back pay, vacations, time off for any reason. Make them pay for the cars they use along with the many deep pockets they utilize being sewn up. Write them up and fire them without debate. If average Joe tried to get away with this shit he wouldn’t have a job, let alone unemployment insurance right? Good for the goose, good for the gander.

This is not absolving the President for his incompetence but at the same time is not pointing fingers his way today. Get the senate and house to comply or leave office easy as that with no bullshit from either Mr. Reed or Mr. Bohner, JUST GET IT FIXED!



~ by beibejones on October 20, 2013.

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