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Trying to figure out what other people are thinking will drive you insane. With that said, I find myself going insane trying to get thoughts in my own head straight 70% of the time on a daily basis. I find if I try to sort out the small things first it leads down the path to bigger troubles and worrying sets in rather quickly and if I concentrate on major issues affecting the country and world events I just resort to shaking my head and wishing for simpler times. I believe every American privately and some not so privately express thoughts they believe can solve the problems of the world and very few state solutions that would actually help while 99% just cry and whine around people who are sympathetic to their feelings. This is done on small, medium and large problems alike.

So while the world faces yet more unachievable actions brought on by incompetent officials that are not in touch with the general population of their people it all seems like a merry-go-round that no one can get off of. I don’t have the solutions to fix all the worlds problems so am I just whining or making an observation? The sixties found young people doing sit-ins to open political ears and it seemed to work for a minute and talk of love and peace filled the air. Sure, these “hippies” were dreaming big and collectively they had a voice that was heard but soon violence made its way into the process and four students were killed at Kent State by no other than our gun-toting National Guard. The results an end to young people trying to sway the elected officials to listen. During the next three decades people forgot about trying to improve the country and started to look out for themselves. The result? a great divide between the 1% who made money doing who knows what and making dark deals behind closed doors that we only found out about after laws had been changed and the 99%who quietly went along to get along.

Times are changing as they have since time began and the only question is are we going to be involved in the outcome or are we going to let elected officials continue to look out for themselves and not care about the rest of us? A few questions I can’t seem to wrap my head around has more to do with the answers. 1) Health Care – If Canada can and has got it right for so many years why not adapt the fundamentals of this plan? Did Amsterdam get it wrong when they set up the care for heroin addicts having a fund the government couldn’t touch? We supposedly had that with Social Security but it seems the government couldn’t keep its hands out of the pie so to speak and now the money is dwindling at a fast rate. Or, can anyone explain why we are in a war that is not only destroying our future generations that probably will go down in history as the most disabled group there has ever been. Has anyone in power thought about the medical costs for them thirty years from now. 2) War on Drugs- there has got to be a better answer out there. We have been fighting this war since the thirty’s and I can not find any time in history that shows it is or has ever worked. How could a group of people over that many years come to the conclusion that if we throw more money at it the fire will slow down? And what  about the so-called allegations of our government supplying cartels with weapons? are you kidding! The fence along the southern border has proved to be dysfunctional yet how much money is spent on that yearly? One way to save this countries reserve would be to restructure the laws concerning marijuana. MAKE IT LEGAL! Put these resources into re-educating our young people about the down side of meth and crack instead. There are so many alternatives to fighting something than throwing countless dollars away on it when you see it doesn’t work. Change the plan!

One start that would be a good step would to be to get out of these wars the government thinks makes sense. another would be for more people like you and me to stand up and let our voices be heard so loudly our elected officials would have to listen instead of just doing what best suits them rather than us.

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~ by beibejones on November 24, 2013.

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