Peace Today

Starting the day off in a peaceful mood today.

Reflecting back on my life I came to realize last night the amount of freewill and the choices we have to implement that will in our lives. I was thinking about my father and when he died in 1974 the impact on me was enormous and my free will ran rapid transforming a scared inexperienced teenager into what I’ve become today. It took many moons to reach this point and through it all I was a student of life, constantly learning along the way. I admit that many of the choices I made where wrong and that is where I learnt my most valuable lessons.

I have travelled around this country only leaving it to check out Canada as my job took me there more than once and by living among the very talented and amazing people in different parts of the U.S. I absorbed many things that provided both knowledge and turmoil but also brought me peace in the long run. I’ve ran with many that society branded as trouble, low-life, criminal, unfit, outcast’s and have been around Christians that claim to be righteous as well. What I came to realize in my travels is that most of the ones that society deem unworthy are the most trustworthy friends I have. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying that breaking the law is the right thing to do but taking the law into one’s own hands might be a blessing if we all were to do it at once and remove corrupt politicians from the system that everyone thinks is broken. I believe the only reason the system is broken is that we have complied with anything our government decides to do and just go along to get along.

On the other hand I see Christians blindly going along because they think everything will be gravy when they die and go to heaven. If this is their belief so be it but in the meantime shouldn’t we all care about the quality of everyday life here first? Thinking back to when Nixon started his war on drugs we as people should have put a stop to it from the start. Look at how many people have been imprisoned since 1972 on marijuana convictions alone and you will see how our government has stopped caring about us and only care about their pockets!

And this rant is not about drugs alone my friends but about the way our leaders have used us as stepping-stones to make their lives comfortable and disregarding the majority. A quick peek will tell tales on them if you pay attention.

I guess this altered mind has figured out that for me to have peace I needed to get in touch with a force bigger than me alone and damn sure bigger than the corrupt politicians who govern our lives at the present time. As I stated before, I have run with many types of people and now I run spiritually with Jesus, my higher power. I believe that good is inside us all if we just take the time to look and smoking marijuana doesn’t harm me but rather the government is the one that harms people who are enjoying mother nature and expressing happiness. All I’m asking is that we as a whole stand up to the backwards thinking, non-caring politicians who try to ruin our world with all their me first and screw the people ways.

Still at peace today, Beibe ©2014 BeibeJones


~ by beibejones on January 16, 2014.

One Response to “Peace Today”

  1. Love ya Cuz!

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