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Indiana is finally stepping up and opening their eyes to the future.

As you may have heard, the Indiana Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee passed S.B. 357 by a vote of 7-0, and Indiana NORML applauds that action. But we’re a long way from seeing industrial Hemp once again legal in our state.

I’ve heard some disturbing things being said, people thinking that Marijuana is now legal. This is not the case, and I’m concerned some people will think it is, become careless and get arrested. Please, anyone you hear saying something like that, advise them that even if the Industrial Hemp bill becomes law, possession, sales and related “Crimes” are still illegal and you can still go to jail. Industrial Hemp is not what you smoke. It is what we make fuel, fiber, paper, food, plastic and building materials out of.
And…don’t forget to contact your own Senator and Representative. I know this is a lot, but how bad do we want this?

We also have S.B. 314, which would decriminalize Marijuana. This bill has not been scheduled for a hearing.

More News:
Drug prohibition reduces neither use nor abuse.

Lt. Tony Ryan, board member for L.E.A.P. and retired Denver police officer after 36 years of service, says;

“The War on drugs is a disaster for law enforcement. A total failure at reducing use or crime, that costs billions of dollars while making the problem worse and enriching drug dealers.”
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) is a group of cops, judges, prosecutors and everyday citizens teaming up to end the failed, dangerous and expensive war on drugs.

There is no charge to attend. Meeting will take place in the spacious Composers Row meeting rooms. Please contact Beth at 219-226- 3400 or via e-mail should you need further information.

INORML will have an informational booth at this event. Please stop by and say hello to us!
Indiana NORML Supports S.B. 314

by Neal Smith on January 13, 2014 » Add the first comment.

Indiana NORML applauds Senator Karen Tallian (D-Portage) for filing S.B. 314, which would call for the decriminalization of small amounts of Marijuana as well as the cultivation of the hemp plant onceAccording to a WISH-TV/Ball State University poll taken in late 2013, 78 percent of Hoosiers want Marijuana taxed and regulated like alcohol. This would create a new tax base for the State and millions of dollars pumped into the economy. On January 1st, Colorado began retail sales of Cannabis, and are expecting sales of $260 Million in 2014. Decriminalization is a first step in this process.

Indiana currently spends approximately $150 Million dollars a year locking up pot smokers. This money could be used for better things. Our current policies also help ruin any chances of people educating themselves and obtaining decent jobs by having a criminal record. Our jails remain overcrowded and our law enforcement resources continue to be tied up prosecuting Marijuana cases rather than serious, real crime. S.B. 314 will ease these problems immediately.

Hemp, which has no psychoactive abilities, would be a boon to Indiana’s economy for food, fuel, fiber, paper, plastics and a range of building materials. Indiana once had a thriving Hemp industry, and could have one again.

Marijuana prohibition is falling across the nation. Sooner or later Indiana will have to make the changes to end this thoughtless, immoral war on its citizens. Our state will be better off with an early end to arrests on Marijuana charges.

We urge all Hoosiers to contact their Indiana State Senators and urge passage of S.B. 314.
again in Indiana.
Please continue to fight and remove this filthy lie from American Law Books! Thanx, Beibe
©2014 Beibe Jones


~ by beibejones on February 5, 2014.

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