Another Day/another year

High everyone? I hope so.

It’s hard sometimes to remember to change the year when it rolls over and many checks have last year’s date on them until it sets in. Not the case on your birthday though right?

I turned 56 today and am taking a minute to reflect back, then I will revel a great birthday present given me and many others. a minute to reflect back on the changes that have made me who I am sort of speaking. Brought up in the sixties we lived a different culture and manners, respect and yes ass whippings were the norm. No air conditioning was to be found, no computers or cable t.v., the phone was a big black thing attached to the wall and god forbid you stood still long enough to have a conversation on it. More like where are ya? yea, ok see ya then and you were off outside doing whatever. [an ambulance was a station wagon with a red light on top!]

The seventies brought me into the main stream of things and started my adult journey and brother what a start it was! I am a blessed kind of person as the street I grew up on is called High Street and yes I believe it was an omen and blessing put together in one. My first experience with marijuana came one night at 15 years old as I was headed home and cutting through the alley leading to the backyard when a couple of friends stopped me and offered me a hit on a pipe. Cannon must have been a rookie too as Bob told him to give me a shotgun which I liked right off and as I went to give him one Cannon blew into the tip and the results were a burned tounge and throat for a couple of days. This didn’t slow me down too much as I became a regular in the alley after dark and quickly spread my range of friends. You see back in that time we were all friends just sharing smoke as you could buy a lid for around $15 and for those of you that don’t remember this, usually when buying a lid people just filled a baggie with whatever it could hold, no scales. The blunt was an unknown word but taking two zig-zags or white buffalo papers and sticking them together was routine and joints were as big as a thumb. The seventies also brought me another part of this journey as that’s when I moved to California and really had my eyes opened. It was also the time that started up and began the long struggle to accomplish what we have today.

The 80’s- What I can remember was mostly good although I was in a bad marriage and trying to work it out-didn’t happen. this decade really had an impact on me as I did a lot of travelling around the country and met untold great people who all left a mark on me as I did them. Most of the 90’s was the same except that I quit hard man-made poison and became aware of who I was, wanting to change many things about myself.

Enter the 21st century.

I’ve had this fascination with graveyards since I was a teenager and love to look at different grave markers and wonder how that person lived their life. Of course I have seen a few well-known sites  like Homer Van Meter and Forrest Gump or the Lady in a black dress in GA. The ones that have always intreged me though are the ones from the turn of the 20th century. These to me are some of the luckiest people to have made this journey as they witness great changes such as the cowboy who watched cars replace the old west. Here it is one hundred years later and I can relate to the cowboy as times they are a changing. At times this depresses me but for the most part it is exciting as I am alive to witness probably the biggest thing to hit the world since WWII. I am talking about the computer age and it’s marvels that constantly evolve us toward what as a child were only fantasies and make-believe. Do you think the cowboy sat out there in the great wide open rolling his own and staring at the stars thinking about all the changes the world was going through at that time? I do.

And now by the grace of God, man is waking up to the fact that maybe we are not headed in the right direction with big corporations setting the terms we live by. And I along with countless others are arriving at the conclusion that A.J. Salsinger and President Roosevelt didn’t know shit about marijuana but rather were just money grabbing fools  and A.J. like another idiot [Nixon] held Quaker beliefs that allowed for 80 years and counting of repression. The good thing from all of this is that we are starting to bond together as humans and put our differences aside to fight the corrupt law of the 30’s and bring a world-changing event to fruitation, legalization of hemp and all its resources. So maybe at the turn of the next century this will be just a history lesson to serve upcoming generations that natural plants shouldn’t be dismissed without complete discovery of their property’s.

Oh yeah The good news I mentioned earlier, Indiana unanimously voted to legalize hemp growing and production and this law is making it’s way to Gov. Pence. Let’s see if he is man enough to pass all three bills Indiana has on the docket regarding marijuana or will this be another term of NOT doing what a governor is supposed to do, work for the people. Have a great day my friends as I am off to enjoy the beautiful art of a woman I’ve fallen in love with and enjoy my birthday, peace Beibe



~ by beibejones on February 7, 2014.

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