First Half

Ashampoo_Snap_2013.02.25_22h47m15s_001My friends it has been a year of slow growth, falling and slipping back, reaching for the stars and baking in the process. I started this site to mainly inform my friends about the laws regarding marijuana use and the belief that it should not be a crime. I have not however beaten the grass off the path sort of speaking meaning that I should be here more often and post more frequently. I fell behind in the first quarter due to lack of training and the desire to believe “I could just click my heels and be there!”. Only works in the movies. Smoke and mirrors work better I guess but bull-shitting the public isn’t really my thing and this altered mind just wasn’t ready to succeed I guess.

So here we are tied up and in the second quarter [year] of me trying to pile my plate up with this blog and starting an online pipe shop to offer quality smoking accessories to fellow smokers. I follow many news feeds keeping up to date with the reforming of the long overdue justice of legalizing marijuana. I thought this would be a breeze from reading other people’s stories and hey why not? I got an opinion too! But opinions, like a%#holes are a dime a dozen right? So if I’m not living up to other people’s expectations am I doing it wrong? Should my blogs be what Joe “uptight ” thinks they should be? If I post  anything that interests me instead of what interest others am I wrong?  Is there a wrong way to post my thoughts? Must I follow along to get along? If this is true wouldn’t I be going against every thing this site is about? “You must apply pictures to the blog!” ” You must have google ad sense up and running on your site!” “You must do it our way!”.

boxing_glovesI have long believed that in order to stand up for something you have to believe in it with a passion. I have had the vigor and vim to fight for what I want in life and have taken beatings and provided some too over the years and have found that yes the pen is mightier than the sword and by bonding together our voices become one and stronger every time we speak. Cali was the first to stand up in this long-standing issue of legalization and stood alone in this fight for quite a while. But as we all know, Colorado and Washington have joined forces and with this bonding comes great change as the majority of us feel that this outdated law needs revamped. The Time Is Now!

Starting the second quarter of this I am learning quite a bit more than I thought I would need and became more informed about the niche I decided to enter. Low start-up costs, high risk endeavor and a growing population of smokers that are being recognized.

Quite like rock n roll started with the majority not liking it or wanting it out in the open, many people listened to the new music behind closed doors [ear phones etc…] and although in many places there was only one am radio station that offered a path for history to take place. As Duane Allman stated when he formed the Allman Brothers “Any person in this room doesn’t want to join the band has to get through me to exit”. Well I often compare this to what has been trying to say since 1974. They have not only stood up for us but they have fought long and hard to have changes made. They have been joined by many more organizations over time such as L.E.A.P to name just one. And just like rock-n-roll had done in the fifties and sixties, these organizations have bonded together and became one and are now moving into the fm market. The moment has arrived to push the score and wear down the bigger teams defense!

Ashampoo_Snap_2013.03.08_21h41m33s_001So to take a play from our opponents playbook and use it to catch them with their pants down we needed to blitz them and we are in the process of pushing downfield headed to the red zone! Our government Representatives have gone as far as to say they would want it legalized and even the Commander-in-Chief says it’s not harmful and he has tried it but like “Clinton” never inhaled. B.S. Rumor has it that long time advocate Willie Nelson has smoked atop the White House. How many times do you think marijuana has been smoked in the White House? Consider this: Washington grew hemp for sale. Until the 1930’s it was legal so why wouldn’t people share some in the Oval office? Just saying…

olga3 Just as music changes over time and technology jumps into the future we as a whole can push new laws into effect by joining forces and showing our government that sometimes, just sometimes we know what’s better for us than they do! And while I will try to post here more often I must let you know that my online pipe shop is taking the majority of my time right now to build and publish. In Indiana the law prohibits me from having a feed to this site from my store but you can find the link to my store from here. Thanx for following my altered mind and your understanding. Peace be with you and may you find that by joining together we can make this land a better place to live.

©2014 Beibe Jones Resources/Unc’s Pipe Shop


~ by beibejones on February 11, 2014.

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