Finally-Moxie in Motion!

Sen. Cohen from Tennessee has the moxie the rest of our government sorely lacks! He asks very important questions addressed to Michael Botticelli who in turn stumbles on his words and passes the blame to some other department of government as to avoid speaking the truth and admitting the war on drugs has been a failure for over 80 years. See it on you tube video from c-span. [tried to post it but didn’t work right.]


I know a lot of folk don’t like to listen to government officials spend wasted hours talking around the bush and dumping blame on others but once in a while something catches the eye and soon your friends are tuning in to see this too. This time it is the consciousness of the American masses that see a bill passed unjustly in the 30’s [80 plus years ago] and have found through research that our sound government has fought to hide and made it illegal to pursue this research and won’t even look at it but instead ignores it like so many other issues that may benefit our people as a whole. I became aware of this in the early seventies thanks to a new organization called NORML. has been standing up and fighting for reform since it’s inception in 1970 and I admit that for many years I just let them do their thing and smoked marijuana for pleasure not paying attention to what they were trying to get done. I’m positive that many of my generation did the same as it was a different time back then. I refuse to believe that marijuana is a gateway drug to other harmful things such as heroin but rather a dumping ground for politicians to use scare tactics on the unknowing population and by taking advantage of our ignorance told us it would drive us crazy among other non proven lies. A gateway? How about the fact that if you tell a child the fears inside isn’t real? Do they just accept that and move on? Or how about when you discover that by doing that you don’t go blind? The boogie man only goes after bad boys and girls? Sure these lies were meant to reassure us as children but as we grew we found that it was just a bubble for our parents to tell us that for “our own protection” Stop lying to us.

Fast Forward to June 1971

A quaker is in the oval office and feeling damn good about himself. I believe history does repeat itself so follow me for a second please. Harry J. Anslinger, born in Altoona PA. in 1892. He had a belief that marijuana was the major force of crime especially murder. In a February 1938 Reader’s Digest article he stated “There must be a constant enforcement and constant education against this enemy , which has a record of murder and terror running thru the centuries”. Nixon reveals his thoughts on tape in 1971-Drug education; “Enforce the law, you’ve got to scare them”. No shit, check it out!

1913 brought us another Quaker that also held high office. And like Harry he had a hard on against marijuana. Richard M. Nixon began the current war on drugs and if I remember correctly a part of his program was to spray Mexican marijuana with paroquet to kill the plants. the result-I along with many americans smoked poison coated “weed”. No it didn’t stop us from enjoying our youth, make us crazy murdering zombies or lead to the destruction of our youth. Agreed I and many others like me didn’t stand up at the time and fight for our right and that is a mistake I regret. But now is our 2nd chance at redemption and I am not going to waste time in letting our government know this is a stale, mislead law that needs to be removed from the books and become a blemish in the history books. Admit it Obama and your cohorts! You know the public is right on this one and you should be spending not only your time but also the wasted resources involved correcting more dangerous matters concerning this country. Do you want [I bet so!] to go down in the history books as a President that helped our country or another failure in a growing line of past Commanders in Chiefs that just got mixed up in the hoopla?

It’s time for everyone to make sure we turn inward and find peace in ourselves and try to ween this country off of big Pharma’s that fund our government to be the real pushers of drugs! What do I mean? I am simply stating that if we as a whole KNOW that marijuana has medicinal benefits why are we not researching it? We have to STOP this insanity once and for all my friends and we can do it by standing up to big brother and his money funding corporations. Put FREE back in Freedom!

Myself I would much rather use a weed that turns into a flower in my mind than take man-made who knows what the side effects are drugs just because some Quakers from the past told us we couldn’t. PRES. OBAMA ABOLISH THIS LAW!! PEACE MY FRIENDS

©2014 Beibe jones/ Unc’s Pipe Shop


~ by beibejones on February 23, 2014.

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