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I’m a simple American and as far as education I dropped out in 1975 and waited 10 years to get my G.E.D. but I will point out I have 42 years of education called “street smarts” and that is something that counts to me more than any piece of paper in a frame. I have travelled this country and made friends with all classes of people over the years and have found one thing in common amongst them. They all want piece of mind and the ability to live free.

How is logic applied to our circumstances in everyday dealings from legalizing marijuana to not pushing the button on world destruction? When did logic start to play a part in the world and does logic applied make sense. I’m under the belief that logic is misleading as every one of us has a very different view on our own logic. Somewhere, sometime ago a group of people got together to form their own rules on logic and pass them on as laws to be obeyed. [the constitution] Does that mean that when these laws no longer make logical sense it is time to do away with them and replace them with new logical laws?  I guess to start this trip trough logic I’ll start at a logical place.

Here and now: In today’s world we have made the trip full circle once again and the fact that we let history repeat itself is…well plain stupidity. Why are we letting the “cold war” heat up again? did we not learn lessons from the previous world wars that we don’t have to cause destruction to have peace? maybe I missed something the world leaders know about the economy that escapes me. Yes the whole world is in debt to each other, But does that give our elected officials the right to destroy the world, I think not. Is the constitution out of date? maybe parts of it could be revised but haven’t they done this over the years by adding amendments? Let’s look at those before attacking the rights which gave us freedom secured by the knowledge these were put in there first for a reason, to protect us NOW! Two hundred and eighteen years later we have gotten to the point where we as a nation have lost something in our hearts and minds.

I say this because we have elected officials that don’t give a shit about our nation as a whole and certainly don’t give a shit about us “we the people”. It’s like Obama has shown us he has no concept of how to run a country. I’ve cussed past presidents over the years like Nixon and Carter for not being responsible in holding one of the highest office’s in the world but what we have now is appalling. The whole world has their eyes open but is it only me that see us losing this game of RISK.  If we pulled back and concentrated on re-building this country and the feeling of enjoying the “American dream” instead of political greed and “I want to run the world” attitude elected assholes now seem to enjoy would it be such a bad thing?

In my altered mind I see Crimea voting overwhelmingly to become part of Russia so what logic does Oblama have starting trouble? Tell me it is a strategic move to protect us and I’ll say your full of shit! Tell me a ten plus year war is beneficial to us as americans and I’ll say BULLSHIT! Yes our nation is powerful but since when is it ok to abuse that power? Isn’t power intended to protect? Well I don’t see the protection I as an American want. I want elected officials to concentrate on re-building America, NOT incompetent war mongers who put us trillions of $ in debt and collapse the economy.

thJZVI17FXIf we continue down the path of republicans and democrats trying to win a pissing contest we all lose! The easiest way to defeat anything is to have inter conflict and soon walls start crumbling. Another sure path to defeat is the ever popular “my vote doesn’t matter”. Seriously? what about all the votes Oblama got in 2008? DAMN SURE YOUR VOTE COUNTS! So does your voice so use it. Take ten minutes and call your representative to let them know you care about a law they want to pass or defeat. Get involved!

I have a friend in Arizona who does just that. He is passionate about our rights and is not ashamed to let it be known.  Jesse Lopez, along with many others know this is the way to get things done, not by going along and getting along but rather by rocking the vote!!

As I pointed out earlier I am not highly educated but logical sense is not learnt in a classroom. It seems logical to turn our government around and replace them with people who actually care about you and me and not so much about it’s “us or them” I would be more than happy to sit in office and vote the way people wanted me too when acceptable and explain my views honestly without pay offs or perks from major companies who don’t care about anything but their pocket. And yes I could do it on a salary of half or less than what is paid currently and still live a very comfortable life.

And healthcare? If a law is passed for everyone in this country then how is it that it doesn’t apply to those we put into office? are they not americans? Does this new healthcare  bill not apply to all americans? Please people help ROCK THE VOTE with a conscious decision to make our country once again “the home of the free.”


To Protect and serve”

This one gets to me too. The days have long past when I feel safe around police officers and it’s not because I’m guilty of anything as much as in the way they are allowed to abuse the right we gave them. I’m referring to the way they approach everyday citizens with tasers, clubs, spray etc… and use bullying tactics on citizens that aren’t complying quick enough to suit them. I’m talking about abusing the force we have entrusted in them to “protect” us with.  I can’t honestly say I feel protected when I see this abuse on us. I think someone needs to pull in the reigns and slow this abuse down. Use it when needed for protection instead of the personal sadistic thrill of hurting people because you wear a badge. Yes, I know there are officers out there who face danger on a daily basis but the need for force isn’t always the best alternative. Sometimes being patient and using courtesy get you a lot further than violence.

Last but not least



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~ by beibejones on March 28, 2014.

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