Rough Patch cont…

"Sweet Home Alabama"

“Sweet Home Alabama”

I was 49 years old when this all started and living happily outside of Montgomery on the Alabama river. Mom was still able to remember people if they were around often but couldn’t remember me when I phoned her on the week-ends. She would tell me she couldn’t understand me over the phone and after a while she didn’t know who I was so would put her husband on the line where he would tell me she just couldn’t hear very well. After I returned to Indiana I went over to see mom and she didn’t know who I was at first but after about an hour she started recognizing me and after that I would take her shopping as she didn’t drive anymore. Spending time with her then was great as she reminisced about our lives together and we became very close once again. I had flown the nest early in life landing on the gypsy highway so we rarely saw each other most of my life and then for only short periods of time.

1 year in with Mark

1 year in with Mark

From the day her husband “Dean” died I have been by my mama’s side and have shown her love and compassion along with receiving the same. At 89 years old mom was still sprite and in great physical health. We would go out and do things she hadn’t done in a long time. We started visiting her brothers more regularly and going out to dine, shop etc… The first year I noticed changes in memory picking up for instance she didn’t grieve Deans death as she would have normally, she forgot who I was and called me Dean, and she started forgetting friends and neighbors. She still responded to family pretty good and was able to still have a couples of drinks and enjoy herself. During this part of the journey I thought it was sad but in reality I was unaware and unprepared for the long journey we were sharing and the hard part wasn’t in sight yet.
In the following two years I watched as my mama’s mental state went into different stages which all seemed to be worse than the previous one had been. We got her a new pair of hearing aids and that seemed to help quite a bit but shortly after she lapsed into another stage and was angry for no reason and withdrawing when anyone came over.
Mama's Baby Boy
This photo shows how far mama has declined in health. She has regressed to a point that she no longer knows anyone and has no recollection of past or presence. She also has lost her balance and is confused constantly about time. So for now let me close with quoting a song title, “It Hurts me too” by Foghat
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