FREEDOM 1933- States end prohibition on alcohol, America once again Land of the Free! Fast forward to the 21st century. Americans fed up with children running the government! Congress fails to vote or act on any important issues concerning this country. The House in a surprising moment passed a law in May to prohibit the D.E.A. from going after people who use marijuana for medical reasons if the state they live in has said it’s legal!
Close to 75% of Americans live under some form of relaxed marijuana laws. 14 million people smoke marijuana on a daily basis in this country, that is 14 million people who could be regarded as “Green Minute Men” The minutemen were among the first people to fight in the American Revolution. How can our government deny and/or refuse to change policy when clearly the people want this change?
The New York Times published a report today calling for the end of prohibition on marijuana. There will be a five-part series on this in the coming editions. In the belly of the beast there lies a chance for reform. 2/3rds of the people living in the District of Columbia favor the legalization of marijuana use and possession for adults. 57,000 people has signed a petition to put this on the ballot. Speaking of ballots-New Approach Oregon, had submitted enough valid signatures from registered voters to qualify the measure for the November ballot. The proposed ballot initiative (Initiative Petition 53) seeks to regulate the personal possession, commercial cultivation, and retail sale of cannabis to adults. Taxes on the commercial sale of cannabis under the plan are estimated to raise some $88 million in revenue in the first two years following the law’s implementation. Adults who engage in the non-commercial cultivation of limited amounts of cannabis for personal use (up to four marijuana plants and eight ounces of usable marijuana at a given time) will not be subject to taxation or commercial regulations. – See more at: Under pressure Rohrabacher Amendment, which will restrict Treasury Department and SEC funds from being spent to penalize financial institutions for providing services to marijuana related business that operate according to state law. 

The state of Washington has followed Colorado and has implemented the sale of recreational marijuana sales! “>“Washingtonians know that, as in Colorado, governments both foreign and domestic will be watching to see how legalization progresses in the state,” said Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper (Ret.), a LEAP speaker and advisory board member. “And I imagine that, as in Colorado, lower crime rates, increased tax revenue, thousands of new jobs and continuing public support will indicate legalizing and regulating marijuana is one of the simplest ways to improve not just our criminal justice system, but our state governments. Nearly 7,000 businesses applied for the 334 licenses authorized by I-502, the voter initiative which legalized marijuana in the state. Those licenses are strictly controlled and come with a host of regulations, including prohibitions on retailers being within 1,000 feet of schools, parks and other locations likely to be frequented by children. So far, no manufacturer has passed the stringent requirements surrounding marijuana-infused edibles.
On a personal note
I started smoking marijuana in 1974 and have remained doing so all my life. I have found that to me the only drawback to enjoying marijuana is the hassle that accompanies this use by law enforcement and the corrupt policies of insurance companies forcing drug tests on us. Yes, I complained when prices rose in the seventies from $15 for a lid to $30 for an ounce but that was petty and soon forgotten as the quality was so much better. I also smoked the marijuana Nixon’s administration sprayed with the poison paroquet in Mexico and was brought across the border to be sold here. And I believe he and his cronies knew in advance that this would happen to our youth before they did it. Paranoia set in as the police started busting more and more people just trying to enjoy themselves without causing trouble as we did on alcohol. As an aging boomer [now 56] I have had no health problems occur from the 40 years I have been enjoying marijuana. And even though I live in a state that will be one of the last to recognize the people’s wishes and wants I will continue to enjoy the effects marijuana provides me in the form of relaxation, enlightenment, and the belief that I can be free despite the law.
Peace, Ernie


~ by beibejones on July 28, 2014.

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    • D, I totally agree. I have forwarded your site to my brother who has stage 4 cancer and hopefully anyone that reads this will pass it on or check into it their self. Together we can smoke the vote and help our brothers and sisters survive.

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